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Integrated Project Planning,
Civil Engineering & Design Services

Predevelopment Services

Denver skylineThe firm assists clients in creating marketable projects by analyzing their properties’ development potential and securing early agency approvals. Our real estate development clients understand the importance of thoroughly evaluating a parcel of land and considering the consequences of potential land uses before making any property purchase. Features and potential development constraints that Latitude 39 Engineering & Development Consultants LLC routinely evaluate include existing and potential utility connections, access characteristics, existing and projected traffic capacity of surrounding roadways, flood plain designations and underground easements.

Our predevelopment planning process includes the following steps:

  • Access characteristics
  • Analyzing site options for highest and best use presently and in the future
  • Analyzing regulatory constraints, including zoning, other land use regulations, and environmental issues
  • Creating alternative development concepts
  • Using computer models to analyze alternatives in varying land uses
  • Preparing conceptual site plans

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